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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Volcano Tea House Aurora

Volcano Tea House Aurora

One of perks of living in our Denver suburb is the cultural diversity and the endless amount of ethnic eats a ten minute drive in any particular direction!

One achievable goal I have been tossing around for the next six months is to be more adventurous in our restaurant choices.  I really want to try Korean BBQ at one of the MANY amazing places in our neighborhood.  Finding THE one to try first has prevented us from just going for it, I think.  Husband, what do you say?  I have tried Ethiopian food, BUT there is a great cafe by my post office and this post is reminding me that I wanted to go back there for a traditional Ethiopian breakfast.  I was in there once getting coffee and a couple of guys had just received their meal and it looked incredible.  They INSISTED I try, and since in some cultures it may be considered rude to decline a taste, I took a piece of bread and dipped and was definitely not shy or sorry about taking them up on that offer.  Good to stretch the taste buds in foreign directions, pun intended.  I just may head there next with the girls for breakfast.  

Another goal, pack it all in before fall when Remy becomes a kinder kid and Arlo starts her pre-schooling!  What WILL I do next is the million dollar question...

But for today, on a crisp January Sunday, with not a cloud in the sky, we headed nearby to Volcano Tea House in Aurora for Boba tea!  Or as Remy excitedly shared with Arlo before heading out, "Like Bobo Choses PLAY?!  Arlo I have a Bobo Choses Play dress!"  SO CUTE!  Bobo Choses is a brand of clothing and she has a dress coming from them.  No sweetie pie, BobA not BOBO....adorable...  I had tried Boba in the past and remembered it.  I wanted to give it another proper go and also introduce the girls to something new and fun.  The space does NOT disappoint!  As soon as we walked in the girls were so excited to seat themselves happily at a tiny table just their size with little pastel chairs.  Arlo was super excited about the napkins on the table (haha)!  I did some Instagram dories on it if you caught us!  

While I fumbled through ordering, the girls made fast friends with a talkative third grader named Peter who was provoking deep and genuine laughs from these two by showing them how some Sanrio robot/decoration transformed different ways and had missiles that shot out.  They were amused.

I decided on a hot drink for me, Lavender Milk Tea with Boba.  Remy was not into the texture I think, but she only tasted the Taro Pudding topping, not Boba. She wanted a lemonade so we ordered her the Strawberry Lemonade Slushy.  Arlo was game for the gooey treat and actually liked the purple Taro Pudding as well.  I ordered her a Cold Banana Milk Tea with Mini Boba.  We ALL really enjoyed our drinks!  That is, what we slurped down anyway!  I definitely hope to come back with someone who can sit longer than 12.348 seconds.  Lord, we are a walking, living, running reality television show.  They are SO ACTIVE!  In between trying to get them to sit for the 3,256 th time, and scolding, and then breaking into a mini dance party with the shop's stuffed animals, I was able to try my cup of sweetness.  Loved it, honestly!  

They did racing down their pink hallway, played with their tiny Mix-Ems we brought, made silly selfies and I let the girls practice shooting on my camera, pretty impressive.  The girls were so bouncy!  We eventually left and as soon as we came home some neighbor friends were out and they burned off some energy running and playing outside with them for a good 40 minutes until the wind picked up.  

I asked Remy what she thought of the place and she gave it a thumbs up, and I believe her. 

So for those of you who have had Korean BBQ or Ethiopian breakfast, please do share with what your recommendations might be for a somewhat inexperienced foodie would order.  I'd love to hear!


Wearing:  I am actually wearing an original, Diane von Furstenberg vintage jumpsuit!  I know.  I KNOW!  I found it last week thrifting!  I KNOW!  and it was $7.99.... I KNOW....I am in love with it!  I saw an original vintage jumpsuit at her Soho store back in October and I remember being so into it and dreaming about when I might, if I might, ever have one....I am so lucky!  I did see one very similar on ebay in a size 10 just now, starting bid is currently $30! There is also this CURRENT DVF jumpsuit at Neiman Marcus that would be Ah-MAZING for a wedding and its on major sale. Remy and Arlo are both wearing sweatshirts by Civiliants.  Arlo is wearing a tutu skirt by Crazy 8 and Nike high tops.  Remy is wearing a skirt by Molo and sneakers by Supra.  Both girls are wearing necklaces from Cat & Jack line at Target.


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