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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Zeppelin Station, RiNo & Kids

Zeppelin Station, RiNo & Kids

The Saturday before school started up, I decided I wanted to finally check out the Zeppelin Station.  I kept seeing Gelato Boy posts in my Instagram feed and it looked SO. Good.  It was!

I had the Hazelnut, the girls shared chocolate, and husband had Honey Milk I think it was...they were all so creamy and flavorful.  Really rich.  Loved it!  Later that night another of their mouth watering photos mysteriously popped up in my feed (creepy Google) and it was their new waffle bowl- thing!  Wished I had known sooner!  Get it together Google!  

The girls loved climbing the stairs inside, Remy insisted on leading me up and showing me the "playground" she found up there, more like a restaurant.  The things kids see!  We mainly had scoops from Gelato Boy, and I had a great cuppa Commonwealth from Dandy Lion Coffee.  We sort of browsed the bays by Made in a City where they feature goods from different cities for a period of time.  Right now they have a pop-up from Montreal with some beautiful stuff.  I was eyeing some large geometric wooden earrings.  The crazy Care BEar print leggings by Electrik Kids were making my palms itch- too cute!  This is what I mean by kids.  ME!  HIM!  US!  WE are still kids...

It's not often we get to do the things that we used to do before kids, the things that really light us up from the inside.  For me, exploring new neighborhoods, soaking up street art, sipping HOT coffee and finding out more about the roastery behind the beans...just being downtown.  I almost felt a tinge of guilt about this last Saturday before school start-up.  I felt we should have been spending it at the pool or eating homemade popsicles, maybe it was all the we-must-tackle-our-summer-bucket-list posts that also filtered into my feed along with those cones from Gelato Boy.  I obviously chose the sugar over the sun.  But you know what, I stopped myself from feeling bad about it.  I think its okay to take your kids somewhere YOU enjoy.  

My girls haven't actually begged me to take them to the pool and when I have suggested it the last few times they've sort of given me a meh response, so I didn't feel too horrible.  When I take them along to places that aren't exactly kid centric, I see them exploring it from their perspective and really taking in the space in a confident way.  

We brought our scooters along and after Zeppelin Station we popped in the car and crossed over to Larimer and had Shake Shack burgers and fries for a late lunch.  It was nice to get downtown and see new things pop up.  Made a few mental notes of places to come back to for an adults-only trip.  I admit to making my family wait for me while I popped down an alley to scope out some walls before Crush Walls gets ahold of them September 3rd.  We were a couple weeks too early for the annual street art festival, hope to make it down again this year to see it.  Last year we made  a date night out of it.

So, kids.  Having kids, when you are just kids.  Without getting too heavy, husband and I both agree we've been jerky parents lately.  We haven't been the most outwardly appreciative or nicest partners to each other in front of our kids.  We make mistakes, we get angry, we lash out at each other when things get stressful and our old bodies get tired, but our kid-like name callings come out and whoops, crap, there's two little faces looking up at you, kids.  Kids looking at kids being kids.  Both ways. Sharing because I want to be better, somehow blogging makes me more accountable, like posting after you work out on social media.  We may not have the strongest, most mature, effective or rational communication with each other in the moment, but so far we have been able to come together afterwards and admit our faults and express our devotion to our family.  

Acting like kids can be a good thing too.  Like this particular day when we tested our balance and walked across old railroad tracks (no trains rolling this line anymore- I hope) and eating gelato before lunch.  At some point one of you has to be an adult however and put your foot down when the other wants to spend $70 on two pairs of aforementioned Care Bear leggings.   I'll let you guess who was who in that scenario.

Highlights of this afternoon: seeing them look for nature between railroad ties, showing me their balance poses on the tracks, seeing Rem hoist up my purse and throw it on her shoulder as we walked away, seeing them on their toes on the high bar stools and table coloring and sharing spoons of chocolate gelato, hearing Arlo say, "I just looooove Shake Shack," as she shoveled in another crinkle fry.  

Some photos and a little video of a trek downtown.  Remy dressed herself, and then gave me permission to do two "twisty-doos" which she never lets me do! She looks like a teen here!  Arlo got to wear one of her new dresses for school.  I was inspired to wear my old Diesel shirt and sneaks, and then hubby copied me and wore his Diesel shoes too.  I used to work there, a long time ago, before kids.  It's such a wild anthropologic ride having offspring, pouring your whole entire being into them for so long and then one day, after half a decade, blinking, giving yourself a second to glance up, put on your old high tops, shuffle downtown to a dirty alleyway to look at graffiti and sip an expensive coffee, and drag them along for a scoot and and a stare too.  Because we're all just kids, climbing stairs, getting our hands dirty, and falling off balance every once in a while.

Go be a kid with your kid! 


Wearing: I am wearing a Diesel tee and sneaks from a decade ago, can't believe I just typed decade, when I worked there, and Madewell denim (similar).  Remy chose her outfit all on her own!  Sweet girl!  She is wearing shorts from Walmart- $5.50, and a tank from Target- $5, and her new school shoes, Nike sneakers.  Arlo is wearing her new school dress by Mini Rodini (similar) and her new school shoes too!

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